Dear valued customers,Salam,


Firsty we would like to deeply apologize for the inconvinience caused occured during the past 2 days regarding our hosting services due to technical problems at our data center. Since our migration excercise process took place 2 weeks ago all of our system were functioning normally untill 2am, 20th January 2008 when the servers started to show downtime.


Our back up system could not even remotely run through the system as our hardware failure was due to the mother board. We could not even start up the system as the both Operating System (OS-Raid 1) was undetactable and so we opt to run the system on a new rack of servers and migrated data to the new server specifications.


We hope that this announcement in justifiable to be used for Head Of IT Departments inquiry status for the downtime. Secondly we would like to thank for all your support and we look forward for a brighter coming months.


Thanks and regards.wassalam.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

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