Ok, I'm convinced, how do I transfer my domain name to UsahawanTerbilang.Com's Hosting without experiencing any downtime?

To avoid downtime, please follow these procedures:

1 - Sign up for a Web hosting account using our online order form. once your account is setup, you will receive an e-mail from us with your FTP login information. Next, upload all of your files to our Web server.

2 - After you're done uploading your files, contact your domain name registrar and have your domain name pointed to our DNS numbers indicated below:

  1. Primary Server Hostname: ns1.usahawanterbilang.com
  2. Secondary Server Hostname: ns2.usahawanterbilang.com

3 - Now, be patient. It will take about 48-72 hours for your registrar to update their DNS (the amount of actual time varies by registrar). Once it's updated, your domain name will point to your new website that is hosted o-n our servers automatically.

4 - If you use e-mail associated with the domain name, we recommend you check mail at both locations (with your previous hosting company and on our mail server). Once you confirm that all e-mail settings and your website are properly pointed to hosting.sumberterbuka.com, go ahead and cancel your account with your previous hosting company.

Still cannot find the answers for your questions? Feel free to contact us at group [at] usahawanterbilang.com

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